BLASPHEMY art exhibition

In a recent interview with Radio NZ, I was asked if the Blasphemy law should be repealed in New Zealand.  For those that aren't aware, we have a blasphemy libel law relating to publishing only, however there has only been one case against blasphemy libel in the past 100 years, which returned a verdict of not guilty.  Recently The United Nations affirmed, through general comment No.34, that we humans have a right to blaspheme - 'Laws restricting blasphemy are incompatible with universal human standards and go against a free and democratic society.

Fundamentalist religious churches in New Zealand today, and especially those following Islam, actively preach the dire consequences of blasphemy, instilling 'fear' into their followers.  Families and religious communities still revile and ostracize those that speak against, or depart from religion.  Christian books & preachers go against an individual's rights to freedom and non-belief.  The Bible, The Quaran - preachers & followers of organised religion are equally culpable in the violation of 'hate speech' - teaching that it is right to sit in judgment on those that are not like them.

'You' preacher - SOLD
Three main religions - Jewish, Christian, Muslim.  All following the same God, yet they vehemently deny one another. With hostility.  And from this, thousands upon thousands of separate denominations, all saying 'their' brand of religion is the 'true' word of God.  They finger point at each other - saying 'false preacher'.   The words in religious books, along with preaching...... impose judgements within the minds of followers, who in turn point their finger against those who are different, or do not fit the requirements of 'moral, good & correct'.

Unknowing - SOLD
Imagine if Einstein and others like him had to live their lives under the oppressive order of religion.  "Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth" (Einstein)

Crucifixio - SOLD

The words in the painting are not pleasant, however preachers & religious books say, if a child is not part of a christian family, and the child dies, then they spend eternity in hell.  A murderer is 'saved' and spends eternity in heaven, if he simply 'believes' in jesus.  

Calamitous - SOLD
The 'loving' god apparently.  When one considers the many violent, oppressive & contradictory writings in the Quran, Jewish & Christian bibles, it can have very adverse effects to a person's reasons of logic, especially when it states in the bible that god is the 'creator of evil', and man is made in his image.  
Furthermore...... consider the corrupt origins of the Catholic Church, their widespread massacre/torture of those who did not support or went against their religious rule.  Look at what fundamentalist followers of ISLAM are doing in the world today.

     Oppressors Sword
To do mainly with 'fundamentalist' Islam belief.  Enslave the soul with the word, impose judgement with the sword (com gladius imponere judicium) - latin.

Christ's bride - available
Inspired by ex-priest - Bernard Frosenborg - his book 1904 - 'Thirty years in hell - from darkness to light'.  An expose of the horrendous goings-on within the catholic church.  The title of the painting 'Christ's bride', refers to the church, setting themselves up as the 'Universal church', in partnership with Jesus the son of god.  The 'ultimate' blasphemy according to Jewish leaders.  'Lies woven in her devil's loom' is a line from the book.

True trinity - available
Imago Dei - image of god.  The church steeple with its pagan origins.  Christianity is the only religion that embraces the 'trinity' (father, son, holy ghost).  To many, the true trinity is about Power, Religion & politics - to control the masses.  Followers are pawns - easily manipulated, of lowest value.

Adoratio  SOLD
God worshipping woman.  Tongue in cheek, having a bit of fun here.   However....... who or what is god?  God - a word to keep simple minds content and happy - an easy answer to 'who did it'?  Religious books, written by men,  say that 'they' were created in god's image, women came second.  Yet we women are the ones giving life.  In early times it was goddess worship, not god worship.
Domine Deus - latin for 'Lord God'.  Lady Divine - earth mother, or goddess.   Interesting history….  but based on ancient myths.

The Adam Painting - SOLD
The first painting done in the 'Blasphemy' series.  The fictional Adam looking upon the corruption of mankind in using religion for their own gains.  This painting initiated the use of a second name.   My husband stated that he no longer wanted me to use his name on my works.  He and his family belonged to one of N.Z.s more fundamentalist churches.  
It was then refused by the Nelson Art Awards as being 'offensive' to community audience.  I wrote a letter asking them to reconsider, saying it was based on 'truth' and said that sometimes the truth 'is' offensive.  They declined again.  N.Z.'s famous art critic - Hamish Keith - wrote an article about their decision, saying it was a sad day for the arts,  that Nelson Arts Council would be better suited to running a 'cup cake award'.  

Seven Sins -  available
S A L I G I A - latin representation of the seven deadly sins.  Color representation here, red-sin, gold-glory, black-corruption.  The Catholic/Christian church, holds itself out to be the 'universal/ultimate/absolute' church of God.  Do people ever ask how this widespread belief became so accepted?

Researching religion & its heritage is a fascinating subject, learning of the church's fallacious origins, its violent and oppressive history, and it's deployment of 'The Crusades' (their armies), in enforcing their religion as being the true word of god, gives insight into how the 'prominence' of the churchcame about.  The Crusades, massacred, tortured, raped and oppressed millions, all in the name of God, over a span of several hundred years.

Nikki Romney is a
descendent of George Romney - english painter

Lady Hamilton, the lover & companion of Lord 
Nelson (below),  and also loved passionately
by George Romney, who did numerous paintings of her.

Lord Nelson

George Romney - Famous english artist


  1. Acanthus Crown was definitely my favourite after Crucifixio, it's beautiful, insightful and the truth, a great combination.

    Your art is awesome! I can't wait to see your next painting.

  2. Yes - I can see the resemblance. The family nose...